Every ballet student dreams of going ‘en pointe’ and when the day finally arrives it is a very exciting and special time for the dancer.

Simply Dance has created a relaxed and friendly space for exclusive use by the dancer, their family and teacher. Rose does all the fittings at Simply Dance and she is fully qualified and trained by the industry’s leading professionals.

Each dancer will be assessed physically and we will work closely with dance teachers and parents to ensure the dancer is ready for pointe work. 

It is important to know we will not fit a dancer if they are deemed too young or if they have any development issues with their feet. Pointe work is not to be rushed and strength in the feet and legs must meet the fitting requirements and teachers authorisation.

Each appointment is booked out for an hour to ensure the correct shoe is fitted. Girls and boys currently doing pointe work will be less time but a thorough assessment will still be required and a prior booking must be placed with the shop.

The correct shoe should be pain free, fit like a glove and be enjoyable for the dancer to wear. No dancer should find their shoes painful and advice will be given on when to change your shoe. Old and broken shoes can cause damage to the foot and cause injury.

We do stock a full range of pointe toe pads, toe spacers, tape and lambs wool to ensure the dancers feet are protected and stay healthy, plus many more accessories such as ribbons, rosin, elastics, and drying inserts to keep the shoe dry and fresh.

Therabands, foot massagers, rollers and balance boards can also be purchased at the store to assist with the strength of the dancers feet, legs and core.

Pointe shoes currently in stock: Capezio, R-Class, Bloch, Merlet, Freed of London, Wear Moi and Grishko.

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